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Friday, December 23, 2011

Political Rant

I planned on using a different commercial to illustrate my point; however, this one will have to do. It really, irritates me to see politicians bashing one another like this. But before I get any deeper into this “rant,” I want you to know that I am just using Rick Perry’s commercial as an example. This is not a personal attack on Rick Perry. I just felt the need to write something to get us all thinking about what really matters when electing the new president, whoever he may be.

It may just be me, but if someone wants my vote, he must tell me more about himself than he does the other candidates. I want to know about why he thinks he would be a good president; not why he thinks the other candidate would not be good a president. To me, the ideal presidential candidate will tell me all he can about himself, and forget about all the other candidates in the race.

This behavior also says something about a candidate’s character. I want to see a man of impeccable character in charge of this great nation. The ideal presidential candidate does not see himself as being worthy of being the president of the United States. The ideal presidential candidate esteems others more highly than he does himself. We should think twice before electing a man who does not respect the other candidates.

Lastly, the way a presidential candidate runs his campaign shows how he truly feels about the American people. If he truly believes that it is about “we the people,” he will allow the people to decide who the better candidate is. But a fair and balanced decision can only be made if each candidate is open and honest about himself. So presidential candidate, you worry about you, and let the people decide who they want to be the next president of the United States.

The former pastor of our church used to say, “Boldness is not rudeness.” When a candidate resorts to bashing the other candidates, he is not showing his strength; he is showing his weakness. In the end, the most courageous candidate is the one who admits that he is no more worthy to be elected than any of the other candidates. This is what I truly believe. And this is what I will keep in mind when considering who to vote for come November 2012.

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