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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Animal Crackers Were in Her Soup

Shirley Temple-Black
To this day, I remember very well the scene with a young Shirley Temple bouncing around a dining room full of kids, singing, “Animal crackers in my soup. Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop.” You see, my grandmother loved Shirley Temple and, on more than one occasion, forced me and my cousins to watch her films; although I can’t say that we ever really minded watching them. Today, in fact, I’m rather glad I can say that I’ve seen a Shirley Temple film or two, even though I can only remember one scene from one movie. Shirley Temple-Black is an American legend, and rightly so.

It has been said by former child actor Darryl Hickman that “Shirley’s gift to show business, to the United States, and to the movie-going public was a revelation of the creativity and the sense of joy and fun of childhood that is in each of us.” He then added, “I don’t think any child ever did that better than Shirley Temple.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt was even noted for saying, “As long as we have Shirley Temple, we’ll be alright.”

Shirley Temple, with her famous curls, brought hope to American movie-goers during the Great Depression. She later went on to serve her country as United States Ambassador to Ghana, Chief of Protocol of the United States, and, in 1989, she became the twenty-seventh United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. For over eighty years, Shirley Temple-Black served her country well.

Sadly, the lady once known as “America’s little darling” is no longer with us. Shirley Temple-Black passed away Monday night at the age of eighty-five. She is one of those very few Hollywood celebrities that we can say spent her life well, leaving this world with no known scandal attached to her name. As her mother often encouraged her to do, Shirley Temple truly sparkled. It is for that reason that I plan on sharing Shirley’s movies with my children, and I pray you will do the same.

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