"The key to understanding the Bible is to look for Jesus in the Bible. Jesus is the hero of the Bible. If you read the Bible and don't find Jesus, re-read it! The Bible has one hero, His name is Jesus; one villain, that is Satan; one problem, that is sin; one solution, that is salvation. That is what the Bible is all about." -Dr. Adrian Rogers

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Challenge for Atheists

It seems as though I am always hearing that the love of sin is not the reason that atheists deny God. So I thought I would pose a question for those atheists that insist that sin is not the issue. The question is this: If you had absolute proof that God is real, that the Bible is one hundred percent infallible, and that evolution is totally false, would you be willing to turn from all sin and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of your life?

It also seems that atheists always avoid answering the above question. Therefore I conclude that I most likely will not receive any serious answers. However, it is worth a try. Someone may actually prove me wrong.


  1. Also, I could make you a reverse challenge:

    If you fail to present absolute proofs for your three points: Would you be willing to accept God does not exist and reject Christianity and other religions as false?

    If you cannot answer that affirmatively, I am sad to say you are very dishonest and then you assert and believe what you say just by your own delusion (because unless your proofs are undeniable absolute you don't have positive reasons for your beliefs), but not for honestly pursuing the truth, whatever it is.

  2. [Third attemp to post this comment. I think CaPiTaLiZiNg was the reason for rejection, and now is fixed... If this comment is now rejected, then it looks like you want nobody is able to "answer" your challenge....]

    > If you had absolute proof that God is real, 
    > that the Bible is one hundred percent 
    > infallible, and that evolution is totally 
    > false, would you be willing to turn from 
    > all sin and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord
    > of your life?

    I already explain you in one of your older post where you stated that the reasons atheists don't believe was because sin; instead I already explained you that it was because atheist have found there is NO POSITIVE AND UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE that such God exist.

    Most atheists do looked for God, and failed finding Him and also we haven't found sustainable reasons to believe God is real. I could assert that I am into that category. Read atheist blogs and you will find plenty of examples.

    And take note that if you say "I have evidence" but when we dig into that evidence it happens thet @faith@ is required as a presupposition to make it true then That is not a proof at all! Any evidence that requires faith is NOT actually evidence.

    So, if you are able to provide:
    - An absolute proof God exist (and no any God, but YOUR God).
    - A proof that Bible is 100% infallible (explaining all those contradictions it already have been documented and not answered).
    - A proof that evolution is totally false (I am not sure if that is really important if you already proved far from any doubt that God exist anyways).

    THEN, I would be absolutely willing to believe (and know) that God exist, and I will have no other choice but to take the Bible as a serious truth. And I could bet thousands of honest fellow atheists would do the same.

    So, I already accepted your challenge and now I am waiting for your absolute proofs of the three points you stated.

    Note that an absolute proof is not what convince YOU that is something real, but something that is undeniable and that makes any alternative explanation as improbable in comparison, to the eyes of everyone, believer of not.

    And, please DO NOT QUOTE the Bible again to prove that your points are true. I know you take it as a sacred book, but if you resort to that again then any rational conversation becomes useless. Remember: "evidence" backed up by faith is not valid evidence.


  3. > It also seems that atheists always avoid
    > answering the above question. Therefore I
    > conclude that I most likely will not receive
    > any serious answers. However, it is worth a
    > try. Someone may actually prove me wrong.

    Thanks, Tommy, for finally publishing my answers in the previous comments.

    BTW, my answer previous was serious and honest. I do think what I said, I am not making up the answer, and you know that because it is the same answer I already posted as a comment in your old post.

    So from your affirmation I am quoting above: Now, are you able to recognize you are wrong about your opinion about atheist/atheism?

    Now as you know that with that level of evidence you asserted you could convert atheists easily: are you able to provide that absolute evidence you said?

    Please do it.

    If you are unable to provide it, then please recognize you don't have the right to ask anybody to convert to Christianity from atheism unless you do provide that absolute proof and evidence first.

    And if you and your religious partners are unable to provide the evidence, please stop blaming atheist by their lack of believe, or blaming us that we are unable to believe "because of sin"; instead first blame yourself for failing to absolutely show us a proof for your Truth, and second blame your beliefs for not providing any definitive evidence to show.


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