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Friday, March 18, 2011

How Television is Destroying the Home: Part One--Honoring Family Values (10/13/2010)

I am sure everyone easily recognizes this "family." This is the Huxtable family from the television series The Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was a little bit before my time; however, I still grew up watching it. Their family was fascinating to me. They were abnormally joyful; although they did have their problems at times. They always left me with a smile; I could relate to them, and I knew that that was how family was meant to be. Tonight, we'll go back in time to the late '80s and early '90s to see how family was portrayed on television back then, and then later we'll have a look at how family is portrayed on television today.

I really don't know any show that compares to The Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was literally a show like no other. Today, almost every show is the same. They are all littered with as much profanity and blasphemy as they can get away with. The advocate divorce, homosexuality, and every other kind of immorality the human mind can think of. However, The Cosby Show contained none of that stuff.

I know it's hard to believe, but in all my years of watching the show, I haven't found one time where God's name was taken in vain. In all of the series, there is only one curse word to be found. Marriage was honored and revered. Family was taken seriously; and serious measure were taken to hold it together. The grandparents were looked up to and highly respected.

I honestly believe that the marriage between Cliff and Claire Huxtable was perhaps the greatest love story in all of television history. They really had a 50/50 relationship. He helped out as much as she did--even willingly. And, if they ever had a disagreement, they resolved it quickly and gracefully. They understood what marriage was intended to be.

The Huxtable children were well disciplined. Although, they were not perfect, they taught their viewers what it was like to learn from their mistakes. They were expected to put forth effort and do the best they could at everything they did. That is very rare nowadays.

The Huxtable family is still loved and respected by many people today. I still watch them whenever they come on. Their show was one that family's could learn and benefit from. The Cosby Show will never go out of style for those that cherish family.

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