"The key to understanding the Bible is to look for Jesus in the Bible. Jesus is the hero of the Bible. If you read the Bible and don't find Jesus, re-read it! The Bible has one hero, His name is Jesus; one villain, that is Satan; one problem, that is sin; one solution, that is salvation. That is what the Bible is all about." -Dr. Adrian Rogers

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Lady of Undeniable Faith (1/24/2011)

Tonight was the first night of the new season of 19 Kids and Counting. I have always enjoyed watching the Duggars. From the very moment I stumbled upon their show a little less than two years ago, I could tell that they had an overwhelming love for their God and King. I could immediately tell that there was just something a little different about this family than most reality show families. That difference is that they are a family of true reality--they trust the truth of God's Word.

Tonight, Jim Bob was asked a very familiar question, "Are you and Michelle still considering having more children"? Jim Bob responded by saying that they would leave their future in the hands of God. But I especially liked Michelle's response. She said, "If I had the choice, I would do it again. We have gained more from this experience than we ever could have if it had not happened" (my paraphrase).

I like to say that there is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy. It might not have been your plan to have that child, but it was certainly God's plan. If anyone realizes the truth in my own words more than I do, it's Michelle. She has allowed God to plan her family for more than twenty years now. And her faith in Lord has allowed her family to grow not only in number, but spiritually as well.

Without this lady's tremendous amount of faith in and love for her God, 19 Kids and Counting would have been unheard of because those nineteen kids wouldn't exist. I honestly believe that no one can possibly watch the show 19 Kids and Counting without noticing Michelle's faith. Michelle Duggar truly is a lady of undeniable faith.

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