"The key to understanding the Bible is to look for Jesus in the Bible. Jesus is the hero of the Bible. If you read the Bible and don't find Jesus, re-read it! The Bible has one hero, His name is Jesus; one villain, that is Satan; one problem, that is sin; one solution, that is salvation. That is what the Bible is all about." -Dr. Adrian Rogers

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prayer for an Atheist (4/28/2010)

If you read this blog, you most likely know that I read a blog entitled Atheist Central by Ray Comfort. A couple weeks ago, I made a comment on a post entitled A World Without Religion. That particular post talked about how Christianity isn't a religion but a relationship with the living God. Anyway, I received quite a few responses to that comment. However, I was able to get into a rather lengthy discussion with a commenter by the name of Pvblivs.

Pvblivs believes that God does not exist; but if He does, He is evil and has deceived Christians into believing that His Word is true. I have been praying for this particular atheist; that God would soften his heart and he would get saved before it's eternally too late for him. I pray you would do the same.

Pvblivs,If you are reading this, know that I really do care about you and where you spend eternity. I long for the day that you come to know Jesus as Lord. But until then, I will be praying for you. I am also willing to answer any questions you may have about trusting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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